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 ¡¾Delivery¡¿Fifth patch of two unit of boats for Guinea Al-project

    On April 18, 2020, fifth patch of two unit of boats, named ¡°YICK TUG 204¡± ¡°YICK TUG 205¡±, which belongs to engineering vessels for Guinea Al-project, were smoothly sailing.
    The total length of the pusher is 37m, type width of 14.4m, type depth of 5.1m, design draft of 3.7m, the speed of YICK TUG 204 is 11.85kn, bollard towing force of 41.9t, and the speed of YICK TUG 205 is 11.82kn, bollard towing force of 41.8t.

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