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 ¡¾Delivery¡¿Delivery of Two Units of ASD Tugboats with FIFI

    On October 21st 2020,Two units of 3680kw ASD Tugboat with FIFI which are designed and built for Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co., Ltd, and named as ¡°YONG GANG XIAO TUO 7¡±¡¢¡°YONG GANG XIAO TUO 8¡±,were delivered successfully.
    The vessels have overall length of 41.4m,Breadth of 10.6m,Depth of 4.9m,Ahead Bollard Pull of 64.5t,Astern Bollard Pull of 58.3t,Endurance of 1200nm and the Speed¡Ý13.4Kn.

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